TULIPP- Turkish Lighting Industry Platform is a cluster formed by the gathering of 22 sector representatives. The cluster was brought together within the scope of the “Supporting The Development Of International Competitiveness Project” (UR-GE), through the support of the Turkish Ministry of Trade. The project carries out its activities under the coordination of the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ICI) and with the contribution of the Lighting Equipment Manufacturers Association (AGİD).

TULIPP - Turkish Lighting Industry Platform is the representative of our country in the development of sustainable lighting solutions worldwide. Through the activities it carries out, it offers its members the opportunity to create networks, develop innovative and technological products and take part in international projects with their solutions.

Being experts in their fields, our members work for the development of lighting technology with their production skills and experienced staff.

The cluster, which consists of the manufacturers of all sub-sectors of lighting such as Indoor Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, Emergency Lighting, can also offer solutions in terms of lighting design and lighting application with the strong infrastructure of our country.

TULIPP - Turkish Lighting Industry Platform is, in a nutshell, “22 expert lighting manufacturers that will meet your needs with regard to Lighting”.


Development of Lighting sector in Turkey first began with the production of transparent bulb and fluorescent during 1960s. And the production of fixture, ballast and other components and secondary parts and any Lighting tools started in the following years. An important development has been obtained in the production of conventional and mechanical Lighting equipment. A new and different development has existed in the Lighting equipment industry in Turkey since 2000s.

Liberalization in the world trade, competition in imported products, especially in China and technological developments in Lighting sector shaped the developments after 2000s Turkish Lighting equipment industry underwent a transportation during 2000s and thus became obligated to give up on the production of transparent bulbs; and a fixture-production oriented structure focusing on the electronic applications in the industry was launched. Furthermore, while the production in Lighting field for motor land vehicles was growing rapidly, production of high added value functional and decorative Lighting tools was focused on.


Domestic market size of Lighting equipment was 2,45 billion dollars in 2013; and it reached to 2,59 billion dollars in 2014. While the domestic market grew in real terms during 2015 and 2016, it contracted in dollar terms. The domestic market experienced a fast growth in 2017 in real terms and despite the depreciation of the Turkish lira, it expanded to 2,31 billion dollars. Domestic market contracted in 2018 in real terms and it shrank to 1,94 billion dollars. Today it is estimated more than 2 billion dollars.


Turkish Lighting equipment production industry is highly experienced in production and at the same time, it is competitive in the added value production. Its competitiveness capacity in the production primarily results from the sufficient number of producers who can carry out production in each field of the production. A noticeable improvement has been provided in the production chain. The industry follows the technological developments in the production closely and enables the transformation from mechanical and electric structure into electronic structure rapidly. This transformation is experienced in all stakeholders of the sector. Competitive capacity in the production provides for Turkey with the potential of being regional production centre in Lighting equipment industry. Turkey provides lower costs compared to the Europe, and quality, speed and superiorities on small party production compared to Asian countries for the region markets.


Lighting equipment production industry in Turkey carries out production within the framework of European Union rules and norms. Regulations of the Ministries which are in compatible with EU norms have been applied in supply, product and waste management fields of the industry. Regulation on environment and waste by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, product standards and regulations on chemicals by TSI, and minimum standards on energy efficiency by the Ministry of Energy constitute the minimum conditions for the production in the industry under the international standards.


Lighting equipment sector has been increasing its export in the recent period. Export products are mainly the decorative lighting products. The sector has started to create its own brands day by day against its structure which carries out contract production/export for global brands. Business activities of the construction services abroad has a significant contribution to the Lighting equipment export. Lighting equipment markets of close and neighbour countries are among the prioritized markets.


Growth tendency in inner demand of Turkish Lighting equipment industry, potential provided by close and neighbour countries and development in infrastructure of the industry and competitive capacity in the production provide significant opportunities for foreign capital investments. There is a suitable potential for each option such as new investments, technology, cooperation in production and distribution, purchases and partnerships.


The number of enterprises is 4,375
The total number of employees is 25,500
Production value in the manufacturing industry of electrical Lighting is more than 6,45 billion TL
Total Export in 2020 466.02 million dollars.
One of the two biggest sub-product groups in electrical lighting equipment export is Lighting Devices and it is 230 million dollars
Total Import of electrical Lighting equipment 615,37 million dollars.
Export markets of Turkey for electrical Lighting equipment consist of four groups. European countries take place in the first group.
Export activities has been realized more than 20 countries