Being established in 1952, the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ICI) is the largest and most well established chamber of industry in Turkey with over 20,000 members today, and is is also one of the strongest representatives of Turkish industry.

The share of the total industrial added value created by the ICI members is about 37,1% of the overall added value created by the Turkish industrial sector, and the ICI members realize approximately 34% of the industrial sector production in Turkey. Moreover, 36% of Turkey's 500 Largest Industrial Enterprises consist of the ICI members.

By providing innovative services to its members, Istanbul Chamber of Industry supports the sustainable development of the Turkish industry and contributes to the development of its competitiveness. For this purpose; It develops new projects and services with domestic and international partnerships on subjects that are vital for the Turkish industry such as innovation, technology development, university-industry cooperation, vocational training, international relations, environment and energy, and offers them to the use of Turkish industrialists.