Lighting Equipment Manufacturers Association, also known as AGID was established by 19 lighting fixtures and components manufacturers in 1997 to

  • Create the identity awareness of the sector,
  • Develop individual and collective connections between the sectoral representatives,
  • Enhance institutional / academic connections through joint efforts and agreements,
  • Complete the process of compliance with international standards,
  • Represent Turkish manufacturers at international markets, and
  • Protect consumer rights.

At AGID, we endeavour to implement a fair competition in line with the relevant regulations in the lighting industry, and suggest the significance of synergy in solving problems rather than companies acting individually.

We believe that collective work and cooperation will advance, and personal relationships and connections between member companies will be strengthened consecutively.

Please do not hesitate to contact AGID, if you require further information about the Turkish Lighting Industry and the members of AGID, or need to get in touch with or enhance your connections with domestic organizations.